Opening Cinematic From THE BEATLES: ROCK BAND

This opening cinematic is better than all of Julie Taymor’s “Across the Universe”.

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Expect This Game at E3 Eventually

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Reviews – 3/20/09


The Great Buck Howard

I Love You, Man


Sunshine Cleaning

Bonus Videogame Review: Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

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Why You Should Be Reading SCOTT PILGRIM

From the latest issue, “Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe”:


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Videogame News That Just Made Me Climax a Little

Crono VictoriousToday it was announced that Square-Enix will release one of the best videogames ever made, Chrono Trigger, on the Nintendo DS.  I still own the original Super Nintendo cartridge which is worth more than you.  While they’re not remaking the game in 3D like they’ve done for Final Fantasy III and IV, it’s Chrono Trigger returned.  If you’ve ever played this game then this game gives you a reason to survive until the holiday season when it will be released.

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axes.jpgToday was a day of guitar woes.

It started off as a pretty chill day.  After going to Piedmont Park for a friend’s birthday party, I went back home, worked on my Final Destination 4 set visit article and then kicked back with a little Rock Band, playing the guitar on solo.  Even though it’s a wired controller and not made by Red Octane (who made the controllers for the Guitar Hero games), I’ve warmed to EA’s Fender Statrocaster.  I tried to ignore the conventional wisdom that they’re more fragile than a newborn baby and you’ll have to return it to EA for a new one sooner rather than later.  I was just enjoying kicking back and strumming out some tunes.

So of course, today it started fucking out on me.  I was playing “Go With the Flow” and going through some fast notes and the game no longer registered the strumming of the guitar.  And that’s all there is to it.

But look!  There’s a silver lining!  While I’m waiting for my Stratocaster to return, I can go pick up Guitar Hero III which as a wireless guitar and which I wanted to pick up anyway!  And that guitar works with Rock Band!  Oh boy!

Oh no.  I picked up GHIII and the wireless guitar, which I remember loving when I used a friend’s over at his house, is now too small and the buttons are too far apart.  My Stratocaster has spoiled me.  But those are minor complaints.  The big complaint is the tilt sensitivity.   In GHIII, it’s a hair-trigger.  The guitar picks up that the Earth is rotating and thus activates Star Power, completely removing any strategy and timing in building up Star Power to deploy during a solo.  But in Rock Band, I have to spaz out on the thing in order to make the game kick into Overdrive.  Either way, it hurts the gameplay and it hurts my soul.

Tomorrow, GHIII goes back to Best Buy.  Aside from the defective guitar, the game, were it called anything other than “Guitar Hero” would be bashed and dismissed as an imitator of the superior previous games.  Song selection is such an important piece of these games.  The first song in the first two sets I’m even excited to play is “Bulls on Parade”.  Somehow, “Talk Dirty to Me” and “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” do absolutely nothing for me.  I’m not saying Rock Band has the market cornered on great songs, but at least the majority are worth playing.  It also has frequent download content, unlike Activision, who still haven’t figured out this whole durn online sales business.

Playing both games, it’s clear that the true sequel to Guitar Hero II isn’t Guitar Hero III but Rock Band.  And if they hadn’t made it so easily breakable, it would also have the superior guitar.

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I Live!

I realize I haven’t blogged in about two weeks and that you’ve needed your fix. But I derive great pleasure from watching you squirm.

Sorry. I was hallucinating and was in a beautiful world where people gave a crap about my blog. Okay, back to reality.

Last weekend I was in New York City for the Smart People junket. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Traveling First Class is awesome but not worth the price. With the exception of the hot towels and pre-flight drinks, people in coach should get the same kind of seating and comfort of the people in First Class and the people in First Class should get oral sex from hot stewards and stewardesses. Also, those little pilot wings. I miss those.
  • Smart People is an awful movie.
  • Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Thomas Haden Church are all really cool people because they were so excited and curious about the student in our room who was doing the junket for Carnegie Mellon University where the film was shot.
  • Rich people are chumps. I get a per-diem so I don’t mind spending money since it’s the studios and it’s not like I get to keep what I don’t spend. However, if I ever paid $6.50 for a 12oz bottle of Coca-Cola, I would just keep the money, go on to the street until I found a homeless person (you don’t have to look far in New York City) and say, “Fuck you!”
  • The Nintendo World store is still Mecca for Nintendo fans and a haven for black market Wiis. They have the popular console every morning. They only allow one per person, but you could just walk in, buy a system, sell it on eBay and double your investment, rinse, repeat. Do that and you’re looking at about $1,250 a week all because Nintendo doesn’t know how to run manufacturing plants.

However, while I was standing in line to buy Power Up energy drink (which thankfully did not taste disgusting) and a Mario figurine, I overheard the people behind me being retarded. They described the Super Nintendo as “so-so” and I’m surprised I had the restraint to not just turn around and pummel them in the organs. But then they kept going and said that the only good game for the Nintendo 64 was Goldeneye 007 at which point I had no choice but to turn around and shout, “Ocarina of Time!” “Oh yeah…” the guy dumbly responded. He then went back to his conversation of ignorance and said that “the mario game” for the 64 wasn’t that good. Again, I gritted my teeth and decided it wasn’t worth the energy explaining to this pile of worthless that Super Mario 64 was a revolutionary game and it basically determined how we play 3-D games today. All he’s ever determined is that people who don’t know what they’re talking about should shut the fuck up.

The Monday following my NYC-jaunt, I finally, finally, finally got an XBOX 360 and I am the happiest boy. It literally hurts when I have to pull myself away from it to do things like “work” and “eat”. My friend Carl has been so great in sending me free games and these aren’t crap games no one in their right mind would want to play. These are Gears of War, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Dead Rising, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and Guitar Hero II (sans guitar, but I’m buying the wireless one anyway when I get GHIII). He’s also sending me The Simpsons Game and a few others. I treat the guy horribly but you couldn’t really ask for a better friend–one that gives you over $200 worth of free videogames and DVDs. If you have a 360 and want to challenge me online, here’s my info in convenient gamertag form:

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    Videogame Logic

    Mario Destroys RealitySo I was playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance this Saturday night because I’m such a cool, happening guy (just wait till I get my XBox 360; I’ll be spending my weekends playing Call of Duty with 12-year-olds who repeatedly call me a faggot, but the joke’s on them because I get off on having homosexual slurs hurled at me) and I reached this mission where I have to go get this airship back for a moogle. Okay, no problem. Oh, wait. One more thing: to get it, I have to fight in an area where unlike elsewhere in the game, if your characters die, they die for real (I guess they’re just knocked unconscious before or something). Good warning. But wait–I have to defeat the folks who stole the airship. So at the end of the battle, I realize I just murdered like four people for an airship. That’s unsettling.

    And that’s videogame logic. It’s logic not decided so much to tell a story, but to allow for a fun game. But you just look at the world the wrong way and everything is ruined. Look at Mario: He has to go rescue the Princess from Bowser and traverse the Mushroom Kingdom to do so. Fair enough. But are all the enemies of the game part of Bowser’s army or are they just part of the natural ecosystem? Koopa Troopas are because if Bowser is King Koopa, it follows that the little turtles are his minions. But what about Goombas? Or Hammer Brothers? Or the ghosts? Yeah, all these characters will mess you up if they touch you, but in real life, so will bears, rattlesnakes, and other animals. But that doesn’t mean they’re out to get me. Do I really have to kill them all?

    Of course, a lot clearly got lost in translation with Mario. Why is a plumber rescuing a princess from an giant turtle with spikes on his back? I feel like I’m missing a bit of exposition.

    And yeah, a lot of people and a lot of games have gone back to try and fill in the gaps, but when you power up Super Mario Bros., you don’t get any of that. You don’t even really get what you’re going in the first place. You’re in a world full of bricks; coins are located around the world and if you get enough they give you the opportunity to come back from the dead and go back in time before you died; mushrooms make you larger and flowers make you shoot fireballs from your hands (as well as change the color of your clothes); and when you see little brown mushrooms with eyes walking towards you, you either have to jump on top of them or avoid them because if you touch them, you will leap off the screen and out of this reality. Is it just me or does anyone else think that when they decided to make this into a movie, they should have contacted David Lynch?

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    Dear Nintendo

    Dear Nintendo,

    I like your products. It’d be great if you considered actually manufacturing them from time to time.

    Matt Goldberg

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    Assuming You Could Even Find a Wii

    Did you really need another reason to want Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Of course you didn’t.

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl - World 1-1

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl - World 1-2

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