Master of His Domain

On a talk show, there needs to be a respect between a guest and a host.  It’s the same respect a guest and a host would show each other in a home.  A host implicitly agrees to be cordial and inviting and in turn the guest implicitly agrees not to be a total dickbag.

I will not be inviting former House Majority Leader-cum-lobbyist Dick Armey to my home any time soon.  Armey appeared on last night’s The Daily Show and obviously there were going to be disagreements between him and Jon Stewart.  However, Stewart has shown that he is perfectly happy to have on guests who disagree with him.  Bill Kristol, Mike Huckabee, and (before he sold-out every belief he had), John McCain have all been repeat guests on the show.  The problem comes if there’s a guest who doesn’t respect the forum or Stewart.  The brilliant and gifted comedian does not abide rudeness.

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Dark Fire Did Not Avail Him


Make this shirt happen.

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Moses Enjoyed the Company of Tribes

Artwork by Shane Parker

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Even Stepvhens!

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Steve Carell
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Independence Day: A Dramatization

We know from historical documents that this is how the signing of the Declaration of Independence went down:

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A Great Week for THE DAILY SHOW

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart managed to be even more amazing than usual this week.  Hit the jump for segments that will make you laugh with how clever they are, and cry with how sad the actual news is.

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So apparently, there’s this guy named Tom Perkins and he has his own little video blog called FilmXTRA.  He got busted for ripping lines from reviews of other people wrote (read Tyler Foster’s amazing coverage over at The Following Preview).  But let’s stop right there–

I’ve never heard  of anyone plagiarizing an opinion.  Plagiarizing fiction?  Sure.  Plagiarizing research?  Of course.  But an opinion? Everyone has an opinion.  It’s even a saying, and not an expression, but a statement of fact. Sadly, it appears that Mr. Perkins was born without the ability to have his own opinions and thus had to take them from others.

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This Is Why You Should Be Watching COMMUNITY

Community is one of the funniest shows on television, and last night’s episode will go down as some of the greatest sitcom TV of all time.  Even if you’ve never seen an episode, check this one out and you’ll see why you need to be watching this series.

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Powerthirst 3: Powermost

“You will vomit a wedding.”

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