I Suck at Shuffling Cards.

I know how dorky this looks.  I swear I wasn’t trying to look cool.  It’s just that everything looks cool when you slow it down to 2500 frames-per-second.  Now I know why Zack Snyder uses it ALL THE DAMN TIME.

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Funny Photos

Yeah, this blog can do that.  It shouldn’t, but it can, AND IT WILL:

Art by Chris Furniss via Super Punch.

 Via Uberhumor via Brother.

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Best Way to Deal with the Westboro Baptist Church


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“Magic Gay Gold”

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Some Days, This Image Perfectly Sums Up My Mood

spider-man dont give a fuck

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The University of Lincoln Rejects Their Best Student

“TomSka” made two short advertisements for his school, the University of Lincoln.  They were both rejected.  As a result, I now reject the University of Lincoln because these ads are brilliant.

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The Piñata of Benevolence

While I usually find Bill Maher too obnoxious, his “New Rule” on shows like Secret Millionaire and Undercover Boss is worth watching:

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Karaoke and Crazy-Pants

So last night my friend S. and I went out to do some karaoke.  For those unfamiliar with karaoke, it’s when you go out and fool yourself into thinking you’re a better singer than you actually are because the acoustics in your shower is a liar.  So S. and I went, did a little singing and while he did a good job and chose songs that were actually in his register, I went for songs that I thought would get the crowd pumped.

Valuable karaoke lesson: Crowd only gets pumped if A) they’re pumped before you even get on stage; or B) You’re a good enough to get them pumped through your awesome vocals.  While I did a good job with “With a Little Help from My Friends”, the bar was basically empty when I sang it.  When it was filled with people, I chose to go with Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” (someone should’ve stopped me before) and Europe’s “The Final Countdown” (folks counted down to when I would stop butchering the song).

In all honesty, I had fun singing even if I did a poor job.  I don’t mind making a fool of myself as long as I’m having fun doing it.  You can’t do karaoke or really any kind of public performance if you’re too scared of being embarrassed.  However, after “The Final Countdown”, I was feeling pretty beat and decided after S. did one more song, we would leave.  Then a self-proclaimed social butterfly by the name of Lana* flitted over to our table.  Lana had been at the bar almost as early as we had and she had done a pretty good job singing.  She decided to come over to our table and talk to us for no particular reason, but I’m so glad she did because she made the night far more entertaining.

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If Grammys Mattered…

…this song should win every one.

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