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Independence Day: A Dramatization

We know from historical documents that this is how the signing of the Declaration of Independence went down:

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A Great Week for THE DAILY SHOW

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart managed to be even more amazing than usual this week.  Hit the jump for segments that will make you laugh with how clever they are, and cry with how sad the actual news is.

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Maddow 2012

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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“Do not for the fame, but for the glory.”

Rachel Maddow’s commencement address at Smith College was terrific.  It’s one of those commencement speeches where you know you’ll remember these words of wisdom as opposed to the commencement speech where you can’t even remember the speaker’s name let alone their message.  I’m glad that the Internet provides us the privilege of hearing commencement speeches like Maddow’s even though we didn’t attend the Smith College commencement ceremony.  I can’t remember my commencement speaker’s name, but I think he was the guy who either prosecuted or judged the hearing of the Pinochet, and the message was “risking your life for justice is good.”  Maddow’s speech is more insightful and far more pertinent to today’s culture of personal triumph over public good.  I highly encourage you to take the twenty minutes to watch her commencement address:

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This Is Why You Should Be Watching COMMUNITY

Community is one of the funniest shows on television, and last night’s episode will go down as some of the greatest sitcom TV of all time.  Even if you’ve never seen an episode, check this one out and you’ll see why you need to be watching this series.

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Powerthirst 3: Powermost

“You will vomit a wedding.”

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Film Clip Friday

How to Train Your Dragon has been in theaters for over a month. You should’ve seen this movie by now.

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Film Clip Friday: CHINATOWN

For my money, one of the most chilling scenes in American film history.

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