Best Way to Deal with the Westboro Baptist Church


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So yeah, I work for this website that usually runs trailers, but I wasn’t around when the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 trailer went online so I didn’t get to comment on it.  Thankfully, I have this far less trafficked personal blog!  Hooray!

Basically, I needed to let the five of your who read this know how much I loved this trailer.  I’ve seen so many trailers that most don’t do anything for me at this point, but my jaw dropped at the point where Harry tells Voldemort, “C’mon, Tom.  Let’s finish this the way we started it.  Together!” and then throws both of them into an abyss.  First off, I love that Harry calls Voldemort, “Tom”.  And while I haven’t read the book since it came out, I’m pretty sure there’s not a scene of Harry throwing himself and Voldemort off a cliff, but the producers have already stated that they’ve drawn out the battle between the two.  The only thing I don’t like about the trailer is the end: “Complete the Journey in 3D”.  I’d rather complete it in 2D.  I like 2D.  2D works.  Post-converted 3D (which is what Deathly Hallows – Part 2 will be) tends to look like garbage.

Yes, the trailer is kind of spoilery if you haven’t read the book (they even show a major character death!), but I’ve read the book so I don’t care!  Enjoy!

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The University of Lincoln Rejects Their Best Student

“TomSka” made two short advertisements for his school, the University of Lincoln.  They were both rejected.  As a result, I now reject the University of Lincoln because these ads are brilliant.

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Special Comment: “We’re Very Sorry.”

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If Grammys Mattered…

…this song should win every one.

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Master of His Domain

On a talk show, there needs to be a respect between a guest and a host.  It’s the same respect a guest and a host would show each other in a home.  A host implicitly agrees to be cordial and inviting and in turn the guest implicitly agrees not to be a total dickbag.

I will not be inviting former House Majority Leader-cum-lobbyist Dick Armey to my home any time soon.  Armey appeared on last night’s The Daily Show and obviously there were going to be disagreements between him and Jon Stewart.  However, Stewart has shown that he is perfectly happy to have on guests who disagree with him.  Bill Kristol, Mike Huckabee, and (before he sold-out every belief he had), John McCain have all been repeat guests on the show.  The problem comes if there’s a guest who doesn’t respect the forum or Stewart.  The brilliant and gifted comedian does not abide rudeness.

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Special Comment: There Is No “Ground Zero Mosque”

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This is a strong special comment except for two things:

1) The rhetorical shortcut of using Pastor Martin Niemoller’s famous quote.

2) Not criticizing Obama for his back-peddling on the issue.  Obama first came out and made a strong stance supporting the cultural center.  Then, realizing he had made a strong stance, instantly retreated to a middling position and questioned the wisdom of building the center “near” Ground Zero.  And I would take the Obama Administration’s advice on wisdom like I would take driving tips from Stevie Wonder.

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Special Comment: “Decisive Action”

This is one of Olbermann’s best to date.

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Not for a Romantic Wish

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