Reviews: MONEYBALL, KILLER ELITE, and PUNCTURE; Plus a Personal Note

Moneyball (Rating: B)

Killer Elite (Rating: D)

Puncture (Rating: D)

On a related and personal note, I have now been working as a professional film critic for five years.  It’s kind of crazy when I stop to consider that I’ve been writing movie reviews since I was in high school, and that somehow after writing for Columns (the Galloway High School paper) and The Oberlin Review (Oberlin’s newspaper), I now get paid to write reviews and thousands of people read them.

Last week (and within a 24-hour time span), I was offered membership in OFCS (Online Film Critics Society) and SEFCA (Southeastern Film Critics Association).  It was a tremendous honor and it blows my mind a little to think that I’ll get to have my say in what both groups choose as their best film of the year and put my two cents into the awards’ race.  That’s not to say that we’re determining the Academy Award winner (last year almost every critics society chose The Social Network as best picture, but The King’s Speech took home the Oscar), but adding my voice to many lets me have a say.  It’s a tremendous honor to be accepted into not one but two critics organizations and it makes what I’ve been doing for five years feel a little more real.

Now if you’ll excuse me, someone in the comments section of my Puncture review “was not impressed by your scathing commentary and grading.”

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