Too Nerdy to Live

Most cool people will never understand this, but for nerdy folks myself, there comes a time when you take a step back and go, “There is no reason this should infuriate me.  I need to find real things to care about.”  Then you go back to being infuriated over inconsequential matters.

Example:  Here’s the trailer for the upcoming video game X-Men: Destiny:

Set aside for the moment that even after viewing this trailer I have no idea what kind of game X-Men Destiny is.  Is it an Action-RPG?  An arcade brawler like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance?  A mixture of both?  But that’s not what I find maddening.

It’s the stupid tagline at the end:

“Some Destinies are Chosen.”

No.  No, they’re not.  Destiny cannot be chosen.  That’s what makes it “destiny”.  It is the unavoidable endpoint and you have no say in how you get there.  That’s why “Destiny” and “Destination” share the same root.  Destiny negates choice.  It happens no matter what you do.  The game should be called X-Men: Choice or X-Men: Determination or X-Men: Experience-Based Leveling System for Character Customization.  Not X-Men: Destiny.

I just spent fifteen minutes of my life ranting about this.  That’s what sadness looks like.  NEVER FORGET.

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 personal, stupid, videogames

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